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"Tamra has been an inspiration to me since the day that I met her. She is one of the only few people in the entertainment industry that has given me a chance to work alongside her without the ego and drama that often comes with industry politics. I have learned a lot from Ms. Simmons, often calling her my “role model”. Little does she know, we share the same vision for others within this industry, and that’s to get to a point where we can do nothing but help others achieve their goals and realize their dreams. She has encouraged me to continue to work hard for my own dreams, and for that I say that it is a pleasure to know her and to be able to work with her in the past and hopefully in the near future."

Brandon P. Lee, Intern at The TSB Agency

"Revitalized Marketing Group and its Proprietor, Tamra Simmons have proven to be thorough, reliable, and a long term asset. Her reputation coincides accordingly with her true skill sets. Last but not least, she follows through on her commitments."

Dame Diddy, COO - Wild Mind Entertainment Network

"I first conversed with Ms. Simmons at a music conference hosted in Atlanta. She displayed excellent professionalism and answered questions with poise when she represented for Def Jam Records. The way Ms. Simmons conducts herself blatantly expresses her genuine capability to relate to any individual she comes in contact with and that is exactly why I am proud to say that I am a client of the prestigious Tamra Simmons. "

Keen Nation, Rocnation Artist

"Tamra exudes confidence in all she does. Her professionalism, cheerful personality, invaluable expertise, and commitment to making things happen are all things she will bring to your project. Hiring Ms Simmons was a great decision for us, and it will be for you, too!” "

John Sarris, President, HighJAC Productions

"I have worked with Tamra Simmons of RMG PR Services. Throughout this period I've found RMG services to be very dependable and always on time. Tamra Simmons goes far and beyond with getting the attention and publicity her clients need. I'm very much pleased to have worked with Tamra Simmons, personally. I would recommend her to anyone at anytime!"

Toshamakia, Radio Personality-Life Coach- Certified Trainer - Published Model

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